Model Makeup Tips for A Portfolio Photo Shoot | Aspiring models

natural makeupA model needs photographs for her book that shows her to a client. As a model you do not want photos in your book that involves a ton of makeup or involves wild, crazy ideas. For your portfolio photos you want to wear minimal makeup.  Don’t distract from your face.

In New York a model usually wears little no makeup on a daily basis.  Models try to keep their faces clean and simple, it’s very pretty. They don’t wear a ton of makeup unless they are working.  For your portfolio photos you want a clean, simple and pretty face.

When models meet with clients they usually wear almost no makeup. When you are auditioning with a client you want to be a clean canvas because the client has their own ideas for what they want you to look like for their show or campaign. In some small markets the model is asked to do her own hair and makeup.

Sometimes as a model your skills for doing your own makeup are limited. You don’t have to be a makeup guru to be a model. Because as a model you are not required to wear makeup on a daily basis, the opposite is true. When you are meeting with agents or clients they ask you to wear as little makeup as possible so that they are able to see your skin and your features, sometimes makeup can hide that and give the client the wrong idea.

If you are an aspiring model and you are creating a portfolio keep in mind that the client wants to see you. You do not want anything to distract from your face. You want the makeup in your pictures to be very minimal.

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Sci-Fi Feature Film Casting Actress or Model

Who wouldn’t want to dress up in alien makeup? An upcoming Sci-Fi Feature Film will be filming in Phoenix will be filming in Heber-Overgaard at a UFO Convention on November 33569b4afb1b94d9fe945724050e74097th-8th and is casting an actress or model to portray a Cosplay Model in one of their convention scenes.

Cosplay, short for costume play, is a live performance art in which participants dress up and pretend to be fictional characters – usually sci-fi, comic book, or anime characters. There are many Cosplay conventions around the world. There are also several communities dedicated to connecting cosplayers to competitions and events.

One of the biggest and most prestigious competitions is newly debuted competition The NYCC (New York Comic Con) Eastern Championships of Cosplay presented by Pixlr. It celebrates the very best in Cosplay Designs.

If you are interested in being a part of this project and are local to the Phoenix area, please send a resume, headshot and modeling photos to

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NBC Game Show Casting

Have you been perfecting your family recipes for years? Have you been told that your dishes are amazing? Do you have a real passion for food? Well here’s your chance to take the creations you make in the kitchen and use them for the chance to win a huge cash prize!

A brand new NBC prime-time show wants every day moms and dads who love being in the kitchen and have a talent for cooking! So if you’re the go-to host for Thanksgiving, the mom who makes the meanest macaroni, the dad who does dinner or the friend who fixes feasts, then we’re looking for you! From pancakes and grilled cheese to pasta and the perfect steak, winning has never tasted so good!  Continue reading

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Short film “Zombie Ball” Casting

SDSU Television Film and New Media Production
Short Film
“Zombie Ball”
Tagline: Zombies are people too

ASU film “Zombie Ball” is now casting for six principal roles and twenty extras.
Two male high school student characters.
One male high school coach character.
Three female high school student characters.
Twenty extras as high school students, both normal and zombified. Continue reading

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Casting Female Actors for Sitcom

Searching for an outgoing naturally funny male actor to play the lead role in a newly created sitcom. Must be between the age of 25 – 40. We are looking to shoot the pilot asap. Must be a quick study and be able to develop the character. You will be working with a wonderful staff and crew, some of whom have done several gigs and background work and who are now seeking a major role in a TV sitcom. Others have the talent but have never had the break in this competitive TV industry. This might just be the break you have been searching for as well. Continue reading

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Regional TV Commercial Casting

We are looking for a wide range of actors for a regional television spot. There will be speaking and non-speaking roles available. Please send a clear, high quality headshot, resume and any pertinent links to previous work.

We are seeking the following: Caucasian, African American and Hispanic male AND female actors between 20-40 years old, as well as children 15 and under. Children under 10 preferred. Continue reading

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TV Pilot Casting Chefs & Cooks (Glendale, AZ)

We are developing a new food TV pilot show with Bobby Flay for the Food Network. We will be filming a non-air pilot in March.

We’re currently looking for THREE cooks to participate. We’re looking for Throwdown-types if you remember his previous show — meaning more “cooks” than “chefs” but obviously we’re excited to talk to anyone with skill and personality! Meaning a person who makes a killer lobster roll but has no clue how to make a great omelet is ok, BUT it’s needs to be THE BEST lobster roll and have a huge personality as a side dish! And also open to more trained, experienced, multi-faceted chefs but who have a lot of pride & experience in a very particular dish. Continue reading

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TV Sitcom Casting (Tempe, AZ)

Audition To Be In A Northwestern University-Supported Sitcom Pilot Funded by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

About the project:
“INDEPENDENT” is a half hour comedy that follows a group of recent film school grads as they struggle to shoot their horror movie passion project.
We will be showing the final product to various television industry professionals.
Continue reading

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Hair Modeling Jobs – Models needed in Glendale

We are a division of L’Oreal USA and we are doing a hair show at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, AZ.  We will need models willing to cut and color their hair.  The Casting Call will take place this month

The hair modeling gig is $100 per day……….We would need to prep them on Saturday,  and show days Sunday & Monday.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or concerns.

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Amateur Female Model Needed for Gig in Tempe

We Need 6 female models for lingerie photo shoot. Must be attractive, a few extra pounds OK. This job is a Paid gig.

You will also receive the photos on cd and a copy of the magazine issue.  This modeling job is great to start or add to your portfolio!

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